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Welcome to Craighead County's
Online Republican Headquarters
A Message from Chairman Barry Eggers


Welcome to the Craighead County Republican Committee website. Thank you to all the committee members that took the time to come to the meeting and support me as the new County Chair of Craighead County.  I really appreciate all the support you have shown me over the past months and I will do everything I can to be worthy of that support.

​Craighead County is the largest County Committee in the First District and the First District is largest of the 4 Districts. With your help we can make our Craighead County Republican Committee a shining star of all the state committees.

As we go into our next election cycle we need to unify and raise money to get our Republican candidates elected and fill every single office we can. Our committee has grown tremendously over past months but we still have room to grow a lot more. We are always eager for conservative people who support our Republican principles to join our committee.


● The power of faith in God Almighty and one’s right to personal prayer and collective worship

● The sanctity of life

● Individual responsibility and initiative

● Individual freedom and liberty secured by a limited government

● Private property

● Lower taxes to produce economic growth

● Strong national defense

● The personal right to own and bear arms

● The equal and just enforcement of the law

● Separate and independent branches of government

Sound like something you can believe in?  Then be our guest at the next Craighead County Republican Committee meeting 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm, currently at Lazzari’s Italian Oven in Jonesboro.   Stay in informed about our meeting, events and wants going on in the Republican Party by coming to our meetings, watching our website and Facebook page. Our main objective is to recruit, elect and hold our elected officials accountable and to raise the money it takes to make that all happen.


Blessings to all,


Meet the Candidates

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Know Where They Stand

Arkansas Map Outline_gray_edited.png

Send Our Values to DC

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Get involved today!

Next Election Day
March 5 | Early Voting Primary
Election Starts Feb 19th

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Joseph Wood State Party Chairman, June Wood 2nd Vice Chair of the State, Donna Eggers State Committewoman,
Barry Eggers CCRC Chairman & 1st District Representative to the State Committee


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